Brand Makeover For Recently Merged Summit Medical Group And CityMD

Summit Medical Group and CityMD are revealing Summit Health, the new brand identity born from the merger between these two healthcare organizations.

Elmwood conceived the project, overseeing all of the the branding work, including the logos, design, strategy, vision. The agency then worked with implementation agency TenTen to manage the production side, making the signs, stationary, and business cards, among others. 

The effort also includes a new app, digital presences, an advertising campaign and animated digital spots.

The creative idea behind the logo and identity system was to illustrate the “seamless connection” between the two partner organizations, their diverse set of services, their digital and physical interactions, as well as between the patient and provider.



This concept of “connectedness” is woven throughout the group’s various branded offerings while the logo is designed to be “fresh and modern” by showing the top and bottom of the letter “s” as separate parts that come together -- as in a hug -- to form a larger “S.”

“Our creative idea behind the logo was to show a choreographed movement that demonstrates how the two organizations unite to create something new,”  explains Meg Beckum, Executive Creative Director at Elmwood. “The logo depicts how the new entity that is formed, is not just better, but is responsive and coordinated."

In addition, the tones of the coral color for the logo and blue for the type were selected for both the warmth and seriousness each color evokes. “Design is such an important element in healthcare where there is so much complexity and confusion,” says Beckum. “Through iconography, graphics, typography and colors we have created an empathetic brand that creates a more friendly experience.”

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