YouTube TV Tries Discounted Offers

YouTube TV, which has been facing heat from subscribers both for raising its price last June and for not carrying the Bally Sports regional sports channels, is promoting discounted sub offers to some prospects.

YouTube TV normally cots $64.99 per month, but its website is “occasionally” posting one subscription offer promoting the first month of service for $44.99, and another promoting the first three months of service for $54.99, reports TV Answer Man.

It’s unclear whether the streaming service, which hasn’t yet commented on the offers, is engaged in testing.

YouTube hiked its standard monthly price by $15 last year soon after it added eight Viacom channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and Comedy Central.



Some subscribers have complained about the service’s failure to offer access to the Bally Sports RSNs, which replaced Fox Sports’ RSNs. YouTube TV had dropped the Fox Sports RSNs in 2020.

The streaming service recently announced that it will offer an add-on option for accessing content in 4K, without providing specifics on a launch date or price.

The new promotional offers also follow the news that T-Mobile has begun offering YouTube TV for $10 off per month for a year, to current TVision subscribers and wireless customers.

Google’s last update on YouTube TV, last October, put the streamer’s subscribers at 3 million.

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