Get A Shot, Then A Beer, With Help From New Miller Lite T-Shirt

Like all beer makers, Molson Coors’ Miller Lite would give its right arm to get taverns and restaurants filled again, like they were before the pandemic. Or, actually, Miller Lite would give your right arm. Or left.

For a limited time, via its website, it is now offering the $10 “Almost Miller Time” T-shirt, which comes with one sleeve missing so the wearer is vaccination-ready. When they order, consumers can choose which sleeve they can do without.

All the proceeds go to the United States Bartenders’ Guild, which provides help to down-and-out bar and restaurant workers whose lives and incomes were upended by the COVID-19 crisis.

Previously, Molson Coors' sales of bar-scented candles provided help to the Guild. And the beverage company already kicked in $1 million to the bartenders’ emergency assistance program relief campaign and held virtual fundraising events.



Other Molson Coors brands are offering discounts for customers who show proof they’ve been vaccinated.

T-shirt weather corresponds with the hottest sales months for beer. While bars and restaurants are coming back, the return is spotty and many consumers are holding off on getting back in the swing of things until most people have been vaccinated. Hence, the T-shirt offer.

 “It’s the perfect outfit to wear when you get vaccinated, and it’s a fun way to remind everyone that it’s almost Miller Time.” said Josh Robinson, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite, in a statement.

Clearly, Molson Coors is pining for the good old days. “Miller Time can happen any time, but nothing beats being with your friends face-to-face,” Robinson said.

Also on Thursday, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Budweiser brand reportedly re-released a commercial in which its iconic Clydesdale horses are reunited with the cute puppy that caused a consumer sensation when they first appeared together in a Super Bowl ad in 2014. Budweiser is using the ad as part of a new campaign in which the beer maker will give a free bottle of Budweiser to to people who will send proof, via, that they’ve been vaccinated.

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