Miracle-Gro Pivots From Seasonal Flights To 'Always On' Ad Strategy

Lawn and gardening company Miracle-Gro is out with a campaign aligned to its new advertising strategy designed to promote the company and its products all year round.

The company is launching a six-part documentary-style series to inspire gardeners to get out to work in their own yards.

Each episode of “How I Grow,” developed with VaynerMedia, introduces gardeners (both amateurs and pros) saying what gardening means to them.  Jennifer, for instance, started gardening during quarantine and, together with her daughter, is replicating her late mother’s yard.

This creative approach is a pivot from the advertising historically created for the lawn and garden category and represents Miracle-Gro’s evolution away from a 12-week selling window to an “always-on, 12-month strategy.”

This series runs across the brand’s social channels, as well as both 30- and 15-second cut downs which will appear on linear TV.



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