Prospective Adobe Tool Will 'Read' Content To Measure Style Impact

Adobe is floating a tool to help brands measure the impact of style and other creative elements in digital campaigns across all channels.

The new offering, Project Catchy Content, was unveiled during the Adobe Summit as a “Summit Sneak,” an innovation from Adobe’s research lab.

Instead of relying on top-line metrics like views and clicks, Project Catchy Content utilizes Adobe Sensei’s AI technology to “read” content, the company states. 

This will allow marketers and publishers to measure the effects of color, objects, composition and writing style on performance. 

These insights can then be fed into the Adobe Experience Platform, allowing brands to personalize content and enrich their audience profiles, Adobe says.

For instance, a brand might find that "millennial males on the West Coast" respond best to blue tones and more formal writing and apply those insights, Adobe writes. It’s not clear that the above finding is accurate or strictly hypothetical.   



Also, it is uncertain whether Catchy Content will grow into an actual product or remain a Summit Sneak. 

However, it presumably can be put to use to determine how style affects email newsletter metrics. 

This year’s other Summit Sneaks include:

Project Daily Shuffle — An AI assistant to manage conflicting work and personal commitments.

Project Account Ace — A B2B marketing solution for brands that provide web conferencing, chat apps and other tools for remote workforces.

Project Segment Tuner — A cleansing and repair tool for data, powered by AI. 

Project Dimension Builder—A drag-and-drop tool driven by machine learning for fixing data issues.

Project Live Wired — A low-code way to build applications via Adobe XD   

Project Savvy Search — A search bar that sits across Adobe Experience Cloud apps.

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