Mozilla Taps Tombras To Be Its Social Media Agency Of Record

Knoxville-based independent agency Tombras has been named Social Media Agency of Record for Mozilla, working on the Firefox browser and Pocket (content curation app) brands.

Previous work was handled in house and the account was awarded following a competitive pitch.

Tombras will collaborate with the brand’s in-house creative team on shareable social content, activations, communications relevant to consumer advocacy and more. 

Among other goals Tombras is tasked with helping Firefox expand its user base and promote the brand’s mission of helping make the internet accessible for all.  

The non-profit client has been very focused on privacy protection for users and has blocked some cookies from ad-tech companies for years. In February Firefox unveiled a new tool that prevents cross-site tracking by keeping cookies in what it calls a “cookie jar.”



“I’ve been following Tombras’ work for a few years and it’s so clear to me that they really get the culture of the internet,” said Liz Hull, Head of Social for Mozilla. “We’re trying to start a movement to make the internet a better place and we can’t do it alone. We need the right partners to help us reach as many people as possible and I think Tombras is going to be that right partner for us.”

Dooley Tombras, President of Tombras, added “As we move toward a free and open web, social will play a key role in ensuring consumers know what’s happening and what they can do to ensure we reach the safe future we all deserve. We’re deeply committed to supporting this vital mission.”



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