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Lincoln Financial Debuts New Positioning, Tagline

Lincoln Financial Group is launching a national campaign that features new positioning.

The effort, from FCB New York, includes a series of 30-second and 15-second spots including a 30-second anthem  with the new tagline “This is Financial Security.” 

The campaign targets new segments for the company, says Angela Laubmeier, vice president, advertising and sponsorships, Lincoln Financial Group. The new tagline speaks to the key insight of those segments, she says. 

“We are also talking to and running creative against a younger demographic for the first time, as we learned they are interested in learning more about Lincoln’s products,” Laubmeier tells Marketing Daily. “They are actively taking on new opportunities and challenges to pursue their passions. And they only feel confident to do so when they have the feeling of being financially secure.”



Creative illustrates how financial security can provide freedom to enjoy life and how Lincoln Financial can help you achieve that financial security.

The spots include vignettes of traveling, gatherings with family and friends and home renovation. Characters of diverse ages, races and ethnicities are included. 

The campaign is running across connected TV (Hulu), CNN, LinkedIn, Instagram/Facebook, Twitter, FM radio, podcasts and Pandora, as well as print publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and National Geographic.

This is the first new TV the brand has run since 2018. The tagline replaces “Responsibility of Love” which the financial services company has run since 2016 and was also created by FCB New York, which became AOR in 2015.

Creative also was influenced by a survey conducted by Lincoln and CivicScience.

Americans recognize the value of financial security, but many are still on a journey to achieve it. In fact, while eight out of 10 adults say they cannot achieve their life’s goals without financial security, only two out of five U.S. adults say they currently feel financially secure — despite it being a priority for 87% of them.

“When you have a strong financial foundation, you feel more empowered to adventure beyond it,” Laubmeier says.

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