The Atlantic's In-House Agency Is Spun Off And Rebranded

The Atlantic’s in-house agency Atlantic 57 is being spun off as independent operation and is being rebranded as Long Dash, a nod to its journalistic roots and its mission to achieve “both short-term disruption and long-term endurance” for clients.

Both The Atlantic and Long Dash are majority-owned by Emerson Collective.

Peter Lattman, managing director of Emerson Collective and vice dhair of The Atlantic, said: “Long Dash launches at a time when brands are grappling with what it means to provide value and meaning to their audiences. Under the strong leadership of [CEO] Kate Watts, Long Dash is poised to thrive as an independent company.”

The agency’s clients include Google, All State, beauty brand P/Y/T, Blue Shield of California Foundation and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The agency differentiates itself with its “journalistic approach” — a mix of research and story-driven thinking designed to help brands carve out their role in consumers’ lives. The new positioning will be reflected in its full suite of creative and consulting capabilities that serve the entire brand experience, from brand strategy to editorial, creative, design, digital product and marketing. 

According to the agency, its revenues grew 30% last year.




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