NetWise Claims Tool Helps B2B Publishers Target Audiences

B2B publishers seeking to help their advertisers reach audiences have a new tool, the NetWise Audience Platform, formally launched on Monday by Netwise. 

The new solution can help publishers (and marketers) target “through every channel, be it email, or programmatic, without an engineering team,”  says  NetWise CEO Dwight Gorall.

NetWise has been around for 10 years, serving clients such as Fox, The New York Times, Dun & Bradstreet and Turner. 

“Traditionally, we shipped a big pile of data,” Gorall says. “We backed the truck up and dumped it into a data lake or some data management platform that they used internally.”

But “those folks typically have data scientists and engineers that help them deal with a great deal of data — say, 50 million names.” 



Users without such teams can now “log on to this tool and in a couple of keystrokes export, build the audience,” Gorall says. 

NetWise has a database covering 33 million firms and 100 million business people. This includes firmographic data like SIC and employee size, and contact information such as email, address and phone. 

The Florida-based company, which has 25 employees, initially wholesaled data on a private or white label basis to firms such D&B, Infogroup and Zoom Info. 

One current user, DAYTA Marketing, has relied on NetWise to help its clients reach business prospects. 

We look forward to using the new NetWise Audience Platform to reach new prospects and repeat customers even more easily than before,” states DAYTA Marketing COO Laura Krueger.  


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