Twitter Previews Subscribe Button Prior To Rollout

Twitter is previewing a subscribe button that will allow writers and publishers to offer newsletter subscriptions to their Twitter audiences. 

The service will be available for Revue newsletters in the near future. The button will appear on the person’s Twitter profile. 

“We’re currently building new ways to grow your newsletter audience, and we want to preview one that will live right on your Twitter profile,” Revue said in a tweet last week. 

It adds, “We want to give writers tools to turn their growing engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers. This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned.”

The subscribe button apparently will reside below a call to action: “Subscribe to Newsletter.”

Earlier this year, Twitter promised it would pursue “an audience-funded model, where subscribers can directly fund the content they value most,” said Dantley Davis, head of design and research during a Twitter event. 



This is supported by the company's acquisition of the newsletter service Revue in January. Twitter acquired Revue to “enable writers to publish paid or free newsletters to their audience,” Davis said.

The company announced a program called Super Follows that will allow publishers and writers to charge for various content forms, including newsletters.  

It added Revenue would lower its paid newsletter fee to 5%. 

“By offering a subscription-based option with Super Follows, Twitter is leaning into a concept that seasoned email marketers have known for years—consumers want great content, and they’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure they get it,” noted Patrick Gillooly, marketing director at Constant Contact.

The subscribe button will debut on the web and Android, to be followed by iOS, according to Mashable.
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