Meredith's MNI Extends Cover Wrap Format To B2B

B2B brands can now avail themselves of MNI Targeted Media's cover wrap ad format.  

MNI, a division of Meredith, is offering the cover wrap in print and digital forms in an effort to help B2B marketers reach audiences working at home without cookies, it says.  

In print, cover wrap involves the placement of multi-page targeted ads on the covers of print publications. In digital, the cover wrap provides direct access to readers, allowing brands to use CRM lists comprised of email addresses to deliver their message. It also  allows customization, on-demand reading, and immersive experience and storytelling with multiple touchpoints, MNI contends. 

Personalized emails with custom links can bring the recipient to a complimentary digital copy of the magazine for the duration of a campaign.  

“B2B advertising has undergone a significant upheaval as the traditional means of reaching decision makers stopped applying for the last year. In the months ahead, that's not expected to change drastically,” states Mark Glatzhofer, vice president, general manager at MNI.  

Glatzhofer adds on the digital front, the cover wrap format reopens one avenue for reaching decision makers while providing a way to drive opt-ins for offers and content. 





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