Fluent, Fyllo Partner On Identifying Cannabis/CBD Consumers For Advertisers

Performance marketing agency Fluent has struck a deal with Fyllo to create a new set of target audiences based on cannabis and CBD purchase data. 

Fyllo will collect and package the data sets which will then be integrated with Fluent’s own first-party survey data. 

The new data sets are designed to help target audiences for clients in the pharma, health and wellness sectors across various digital platforms. 

The partners point to MRI-Simmons data that shows that CBD and cannabis users are more likely to embrace cutting edge health practices and behaviors than the general population. 

For example those consumers are 75% more likely be first to try the most advanced medicines and nearly 70% more likely to prefer alternative medicine to traditional medicine. 

In addition to managing a data marketplace, Fyllo creates software designed to help marketers in highly regulated industries remain compliant. 

Fyllo has packaged similar CBD/Cannabis data sets for brands such as Uber and Clorox and is working with other agencies to forge similar partnerships.





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