Ad Council, United Way Team On Campaign To Promote 211 Resource Line

The pandemic and its effect on people’s finances are far from over. The Ad Council and United Way Worldwide, with help from The Rockefeller Foundation, are educating individuals about 211, a resource that directs folks to varying services, like healthcare and food programs.

Calling 211 or visiting gives users access to more than 200 agencies and thousands of local experts across all 50 states. From food assistance and help paying bills to providing mental health resources, 211 can guide people who are struggling and don’t know where to turn.

An estimated 11.3% of Americans live in poverty, 20 million adults recently had trouble putting food on the table, and more than 2.3 million women completely dropped out of the labor force.

In 2020, the 211 network made 27.8 million connections to critical services and help.  This is up nearly 100% from the 14 million connections made in 2019.

Walton Isaacson created a pro bono campaign that includes online video and broadcast and radio spots in English and Spanish.

An animated ad features families struggling with health issues, getting food on the table, and paying bills. 211 helps the families eat healthy, get medical treatment and turn their electricity back on.

“With so many Americans still recovering from the economic and emotional impacts of COVID-19, we knew the Ad Council could provide a powerful microphone to help people get access to resources and support that could help change their lives for the better,” said Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council. 



“211 specialists throughout the U.S. and Canada have addressed front line needs this year, more than ever,” said Suzanne McCormick, U.S. President, United Way Worldwide. “This new partnership will help increase awareness of 211 and the array of services available through the 211 network to help those in need.”

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