Samba TV Starts Real-Time Viewership Dashboard In 4 Countries

Samba TV is launching a real-time TV viewership dashboard where marketers can observe TV viewing of programming and networks in the U.S. U.K., Germany and Australia -- four of the world's largest media markets.

Data  comes from smart TV automated content recognition (ACR) data from Samba TV partners -- 24 different brands, coming from 46 million devices.

Samba says TV program data will have “scale and accuracy across demographic and geographic segments.”

On its website, Samba says advertisers can see how many homes are tuning into the top 10 channels and programs. which can be “fiterable by country, state, DMA, age, gender, income and ethnicity.”

The dashboard “allows advertisers the ability to see what channels and shows are being watched in their city or country within seconds,” per the company.

The launch of the dashboard comes on the eve of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, a major international event. Running 16 days, it produces major global TV viewing.



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