Lion's Den Promotes Stay-At-Home 'Summer of Love'

Hot Vax Summer is far from over, and adult store chain Lion’s Den wants to take it to a safer place — home — with a new campaign encouraging people to embrace “Out is the New In.”

A 60-second spot, created by Fancy, follows couples and singles alike as they prepare for hot dates.

There’s manscaping, leg shaving, blow drying away boob sweat, trying on multiple outfits and accessories, until everyone is ready to leave. Each doorstep has a box from Lion’s Den awaiting them. This results in a quick 180, with everyone about to go out, staying in for some lovin’.

“Now that we’re living again in 'uncertain times’ and we’re not sure what we can do or where we can go or whether we need masks or who’s safe and who’s not and even the Olympics seem to be the place not to be, it’s great that Lion’s Den continues to offer alternatives and options for staying home, and maybe engaging in your own indoor sporting events,” said Katie Keating, Co-Founder / Co-CCO of Fancy.

In addition to the 60-second spot, there will be 30- and 15-second versions, all across OTT, CTV, online video, digital, and social media, including an OTT buy on the Summer Olympics.

The message about sex and staying indoors is quite the opposite of the tack Tokyo Olympics is taking -- giving athletes condoms and telling them not to use them — at least when they are inside the Games’ bubble.

 “Strategically, the Olympics coincided with our newfound opportunity to ‘go out,’ but we traditionally love to watch from the comfort of our own homes with our partners/significant others,” said Pete Potenzini, director of marketing at Lion’s Den. “It was a great unity of a cultural event that you enjoy at home, and an opportunity to highlight the at-home celebration Lion’s Den gives you.”

The OTT buy is all of Ohio and Lion’s Den metro markets, which include Indianapolis, Las Vegas, all Ohio cities, Nashville, Northern Indiana (Chicago), and Huntington/Charleston West Virginia.



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