One Club, Popeyes Team Up For BIPOC Food Marketing Course

Restaurant chain Popeyes, part Restaurant Brands International and The One Club For Creativity are teaming up the launch of One Production: Food Styling, a free 10-week online training course for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) students.

Sponsored by Popeyes, the One Club is launching the course this fall. The program is also supported by Burger King and Tim Hortons, also part of RBI. 

It teaches how to style food for print and video shoots and is also designed to inform students of career opportunities available in food styling, and provide them with the skills to pursue on-set apprenticeships and jobs in the field. 

“Food styling is near and dear to our heart and an important part of how we market to our guests, but it’s an industry that has been dominated by faces that are not as diverse as they should be,” said Ryan Robertson, Global Head of Marketing, Popeyes.  He said the effort would “help bring more diverse perspectives to not only our work, but also to the entire field.” 



The program is headed by Brooklyn-based food stylist, culinary producer and chef Warren Ottey. 

Popeyes, BK and Hortons, in collaboration with agency partners, plan to review program graduates’ completed portfolios and look for potential opportunities for them within their organizations. 

The course will include a session by Q” Qadree Holmes, founder and executive producer at Quriosity, a minority-owned, diversity boutique in Chicago specializing in video production, post-production and photography, on navigating the challenges and opportunities for BIPOC talent in the predominantly white field of ad production.


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