6sense Acquires Fortella In B2B RevTech Transaction

Account engagement platform 6sense has acquired Fortella, an AI-based revenue intelligence firm, in a bid to provide an enhanced RevTech offering to B2B marketers.

The goal is to supply clients with “a finely tuned navigation system for their revops engine, ensuring they reach their targets and venture beyond them, with greater efficiency and speed,” says Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense.

The purchase combines Fortella’s pipeline planning, forecasting and measurement tools with the 6sense suite of account engagement  to help brands with their pipeline planning.  

In addition, the integration will help B2B teams reach across marketing and sales data silos to align revenue teams.

B2B firms must be able to measure their progress toward their revenue goals. However, this is still “a manual process informed largely by assumptions, disconnected data silos and best guesses,” says Rahul Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Fortella.

It will also help them target B2B buyers via email. 



“The 6sense account engagement platform is designed to ensure that marketing and sales tactics – including email -- are focused on in-market, good-fit buyers," states Kerry Cunningham, senior principal, product marketing at 6sense.

This means the prospects will "see more of what they need to make good purchase decisions, and less of what they don’t need," Cunningham adds. "The Fortella acquisition strengthens the platform by adding AI-driven planning and forecasting to further refine the focus on in-market buyers.”

"Bringing these two platforms together just makes sense, and creates a powerful combination for revenue-focused teams.” adds Andrew Leigh, chief marketing officer at Copado.

In March, 6sense raised $125 million in Series D funding, resulting in a $2.1 billion valuation.  The firm said at the time that the money would help expand its data layer and AI capabilities. The round was led by D1 Capital Partners with participation from Sapphire Ventures.


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