Tremor Video Launches Programmatic TV Marketplace

Tremor Video is launching a programmatic TV marketplace. 

Ad buyers can use the marketplace to access more than 60 “TV-centric” inventory packages — ranging from viewership-based to live sports deals — and activate customized campaigns across connected TV (CTV) and premium video, according to the company. 

The marketplace is designed for CTV/OTT buyers and those who are seeking brand-safety controls and extensive audience customization capabilities as they add digital TV inventory to their campaign strategies, Tremor says. 

It is powered by Tremor International’s end-to-end platform, which ties together the Tremor Video demand-side platform and the Unruly supply-side platform and includes direct publisher integrations enhanced with audience capabilities. 

A “TV-centric” deal can include TV intelligence data, TV content through OTT/CTV or both. 

In addition to publisher deals and sports and other tentpole TV events, TV packages can be selected by genre, OTT viewership (light or heavy), and content-level targeting using attributes data from direct publisher partners’ bidstream. 

The new marketplace — available now in the U.S., with plans for international expansion next year — “helps advertisers streamline the buying process by giving them the flexibility and the confidence to know their brand messages will be seen in contextually relevant, brand-safe environments,” states Tremor International Chief Product Officer Karim Rayes.

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