Yelp Looks To Help Service Businesses Stand Out On Its Platform

Yelp announced new features Tuesday for businesses that provide a service, as well as the users who search for them.

The new features include custom search filters, a new review flow, themed ads and Project Cost Guides.

Yelp has optimized the search experience for services businesses to make it faster and easier for people to find the right professional to hire. When a user searches for popular services, they will find custom search filters to help them better refine their search.

For example, a search for plumbers now allows users to filter for a fast-responding business or one that provides virtual consultations, as well as specific types of jobs or repairs they specialize in such as installations, sewers, and faucets.

New filters for services include plumbers, HVAC, auto repair, roofing, real estate agents, home cleaners, painters, electricians, landscaping, pest control and flooring.



Themed ads -- another new feature that launched today -- differentiates Yelp’s advertisers at the top of the search results page if the business either provides special offers or if it responds quickly and replies to Request-A-Quote projects within two hours.

When the business meets the criteria, it is selected to appear in themed ads based on their unique offering and specialized jobs. There’s no additional cost. The plan is to add other themes in the future.

Yelp also introduced new search filters for service queries to enable users to filter for fast-responding businesses, businesses that provide virtual consultations or businesses that specialize in a specific type of job or repair such as plumbers, auto repair, flooring, roofing, home cleaners, painters, electricians, and pest control.

When a project gets submitted with Yelp’s Request-A-Quote, the platform will use the information to prompt users to write a review.

To start, Yelp prompts the user with a series of questions to kick off the review writing process.

Yelp also launched a Project Cost Guides program that provides information and tips on what hiring a professional for a project might require.

The guides share valuable information on the average cost of services in a specific area, along with a local guide that provides helpful tips and cost-saving strategies based on your next project. There are unique Cost Guides available across nearly 20 categories, more than 90 service offerings, across more than 150 cities.



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