Google: YouTube To Exit New Roku Devices As Of Dec. 9

In the latest development in a prolonged standoff, Google has declared that since it appears that a carriage renewal agreement will not be reached, YouTube will cease to be accessible through new Roku devices as of Dec. 9. 

That means that neither YouTube TV nor YouTube will be on new Roku devices. 

Back on April 30, Roku responded to its contract dispute with Google by removing YouTube TV from Roku’s Channel Store, precluding the app’s installation or reinstallation on Roku devices by any new YouTube TV customers. However, Roku has continued to offer access to existing YouTube TV users. 

In an update to its users posted yesterday, Roku continued to accuse Google of anticompetitive conduct. 

Roku asserts that Google “continues to interfere with Roku’s independent search results, requiring that we preference YouTube over other content providers,” adding: “This is a concern shared by many companies who believe that customers deserve neutral and relevant results to their search queries. Second, Google discriminates against Roku by demanding search, voice, and data features that they do not insist on from other streaming platforms." 

Roku also claims that it has not asked for any changes in the financial terms of its existing contract with Google. 

Google, for its part, contends that while it has continued to try to come to a resolution that benefits the companies’ mutual users, Roku has continued to make baseless claims. 

“Since we haven’t been able to continue our conversations in good faith, our partnership for all new Roku devices will unfortunately end on December 9,” Google said in a statement sent to Variety. “We are, however, giving Roku the ability to continue distributing both YouTube and YouTube TV apps to all existing users to make sure they are not impacted.”

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