NFTs Used To Mark Remembrance Day Centennial

To mark the centennial anniversary of the Remembrance Poppy Nov. 11, the Royal Canadian Legion partnered with Wunderman Thompson Canada to preserve the memory of the 118,000 fallen Canadian soldiers by utilizing digital art to encrypt their names into an enduring symbol: “The Immortal Poppy.” 

The RCL has been selling lapel poppies as an act of Remembrance and part of a fundraising campaign in support of Canadian veterans and their families for 100 years. The collection of 100 limited edition non-fungible tokens will also be sold to raise money for the RCL.

The NFTs will be sold on the popular online marketplace Open Sea. Each 60 second NFT features a real poppy plucked from Flanders Field in Belgium and 3D scanned to preserve it for eternity. The poppy’s petals are etched with the names of fallen soldiers. The NFT also features a large memorial wall with the names of fallen soldiers along with names of soldiers who are given special prominence due to their significance.



“We wanted Canadians to see the poppy in a way they never have before” said Ari Elkouby, VP ECD at Wunderman Thompson Canada. “It was important for us to highlight the names of soldiers that represented diverse groups as a reminder that people from every background gave their lives for our country.”

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