Email Leads In Account-Based Marketing: Study

Email remains the most popular channel utilized by firms in pursuing their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies, according to the 2021 State of Modern Marketing, a study now being promoted by Terminus.  

Of the firms polled, 67% utilize email, and have done the following: 

  • We’ve fully implemented our ABM strategy—71%
  • We’ve mostly implemented our ABM strategy and we’re continuing to optimize it—69%
  • We’re in an experimental pilot phase with our ABM strategy—65%
  • We’re currently implementing processes and technologies in our ABM strategy—64%

In contrast, brands pursuing ABM utilize these channels:

  • Field marketing—54%
  • Direct mail—49%
  • Display advertising—48% 
  • Email signature marketing—47%
  • Website chat—43% 
  • Virtual or in-person events—38%
  • Retargeting—26% 

ABM is growing in popularity—but it is not easy to achieve. 

Among brands, 91% are interested in targeting prospects and customers through a tailored approach, with personalized campaigns and sales outreach. And 87% agree that the best way to do it is through traditional lead-based strategies augmented with ABM. 

But 58% say their ABM implementation is still in the experimental stage. And 84% aren’t sure if they’re succeeding—they believe they need guidance. 

In addition, 87% agree that their organizations need more first-party data, marketing channels and sales/marketing intelligence. But 95% are concerned about the coming disappearance of third-party data.  

Also 93% agree that sales and marketing need to be fully aligned.

Vanson Bourne surveyed 1,000 marketers in July and August in the U.S. (300), Canada (100), UK (200), Germany (200) and France. The respondents were from organizations with 50+ employees. 


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