Email App Users Can Now Send Bulk Emails From Google Sheets

Users of the MailKing email marketing app can now send bulk emails from Google Sheets, thanks to a new mail merge feature from cloudHQ. 

Released in time for Thanksgiving, Mail Merge for Gmail lets users send personalized emails and texts to contacts, “right from a spreadsheet," states Senad Dizdar, cloudHQ CEO. 

Dizdar adds that it is "an extremely elegant technique to save time while making your recipients feel as though your message was written specifically to them."

The company lists three scenarios for using a mail merge: 

  1. Follow-Ups—This is appropriate for appointment confirmations, order follow ups, donation requests and messages of appreciation,
  2. Geo-Location—emails for webinars or conferences, employee rules, delivery routes and real estate listings.
  3. Miscellaneous—An open-ended, personalized use of a mail merge, including personal postscript messages, or feedback for students from a teacher.

Users can select free templates from MailKing’s email template library. In addition, they can copy emails they receive and change the logo and wording and links to make it look like their own email, the company says. 

“A mail merge ensures that the basis of all customer communication is created in a simple, time-tested way: using a spreadsheet to collect contact information,” Dizdar concludes.  

Mail Merge for Gmail has three pricing tiers, the first of which, "Basic Email Campaigns," is free to use for up to 50 per month.


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