Shoppers Are Worried About Late Delivery Of Gifts, Study Shows

Consumers fear that their holiday gifts will not be delivered on time. according to a study by QuestionPro. 

Of those polled, 48% are worried about gifts arriving on time, and they are making alternative plans. In addition, 42% are concerned that a gift they choose won’t be in stock.

Over 80% are aware of shipping delays hitting the big retailers, and 60% have personally experienced such problems, with 56% reporting more than a three-day delay. 

The situation could be an opportunity for firms with solid triggered email programs. This is a chance to upsell and cross-sell, and to inspire loyalty by offering gifts or other perks to make up for delays.  

As for alternative plans, 30% of shoppers plan to create their own craft gifts, or give food or treats or provide experiences such as dinner or entertaining. 

In addition, 27% will shop at small local businesses, street fairs and farmers markets. And, 17% will will send gift/cash cards instead of gifts while 16% will simply order gifts earlier. 

Of those buying gifts, 10-% will pay more for guarantee shipping, and 26% of those will pay s5% of the gift’s value while 22% would pay 10%. 

Consumers are also worried about the environmental impact of shipping and packaging, with 43% saying so versus 21% who do not. 

And, 83% dislike packaging that is too big for the item inside. And 82% are frustrated by hard-to-open packaging.  

“The spirit of Charlie Brown is alive and well this holiday season,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research & Insights at QuestionPro. “Consumers are saying no to the hassles, stress and environmental issues with mass consumerism and returning to a simpler time where the joy of the season is shared with friends and family.”

QuestionPro surveyed 900 consumers starting on November 5. 



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