Get Up And Go November: Early Sales Figures Reflect Surge Demand

Brands are roaring into Black Friday with an apparent tailwind and email teams can rejoice over their part in it. Consumer spending online has grown by 19.8% YoY from Nov. 1 to Nov. 23 to total $72.2 billion, according to shopping data from Adobe. 

“This surging demand also highlights that even with persistent out-of-stock messages, shoppers are getting comfortable with buying something that may not have been at the top of their list,” Adobe states. 

Moreover, Adobe expects spending to hit $207 billion for the full season (Nov. 1 to Dec. 31), representing 10% growth YoY. 

Cyber Monday is expected to pull in $11.3 billion, continuing its run as the biggest online shopping day of the year. And with many stores closed, shoppers are expected to spend a record $5.1 billion to $5.9 billion online on Thanksgiving Day.

Toy sales have risen by 256%, followed by video games (up 160%), groceries and books (up 94%).

Still tweaking your Black Friday offers? Note that discounts have declined as inflation has gone up. Still, consumers are expected to spend 9% more during Cyber Week.  



The big early discounts are in these areas:

  • Apparel: -14.0% vs -16.1% last year
  • Appliances: -8.4% vs -17.2%
  • Televisions: (-11.7% vs -16.7% last year
  • Furniture and bedding:-2.3% vs -5.7% last year
  • Sporting goods: -5.9% vs –13.0% last year
  • Computers:-13.3% vs -16.1% last year

Is your triggered notification system in place? Out-of-stock messages have risen by 8% vs. Tuesday of last week. And in November to date, out-of-stock messages are up by 227%, compared to January 2020, and 261% versus November 2019. 

Buy-now, pay-later offers are more popular, with revenue up by 447% and orders by 466% over the 2019 season. But growth has slowed slightly, with revenue down 8.5% YoY and orders reduced by 20% YoY on Nov. 23. 

Curbside pickup is up by 92% over November 2019. On Nov. 23, it was used in 23% of all online orders among retailers that offer the service. The use of expedited shipping through November 23 is up by 1% over pre-pandemic levels, with standard shipping up 42%. 

“We’re on our way to a massive, record-breaking $207 billion holiday shopping season, and Thanksgiving weekend will continue to play a major role, especially online, as many physical stores have decided to close on Thursday,” states Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.  

“As consumers are navigating a one-two punch of inflation and supply-chain concerns, they have already spent almost 20% more year-over year. It’s clear that they’re determined to forge ahead by spending earlier to get the items they want at the best possible prices,” Schreiner says.



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