Mediaocean Gets Publisher-Focused CTV Fraud Patent

Mediaocean, the media buying-planning system company for agencies and media sellers, has received a patent for connected TV (CTV) fraud verification -- one that focuses its efforts on publishers' servers.

“Going forward, we won’t just chase and penalize bad actors, or identify fraud or inventory which is non-safe or non-suitable after the fact, but we will weed it out before ads are served and put a premium on transparency at the root.” said John Nardone, president at Mediaocean, in a release.

Mediaocean says unlike other ad verification efforts built just for advertisers, this technology is distinct. Publishers can now integrate the verification technology into their systems -- a process that runs long before ad ad does. It avoids problematic audits after the media schedule has run.

Asaf Greiner, general manager of verification at Mediaocean, says: “The Mediaocean approach flips the paradigm of verification on its head to improve the advertising supply chain, ensure transparency and ultimately provide the entire industry with trusted traffic.”

Advertising fraud continues to be a major concern for marketers in the burgeoning CTV business.

In February, Mediaocean’s Flashtalking business, its independent platform for ad-management platform, acquired anti-fraud company Protected Media, accredited by the Media Ratings Council.



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