Not Rocket Science: New Peelz Campaign Shows The Uncomplicated Nature Of Peeling An Orange

Citrus marketer Peelz makes its debut this week with a brand launch created by Venables Bell + Partners.

The brand is new, but Peelz is a family-owned business that has been a key player in the citrus industry for years. In fact, three generations of the Parnagian family have been growing, packing and supplying mandarin oranges for other brands and have now decided to go out on their own. 

Little has changed with mandarin oranges for 3,000 years (give or take). Basically, you peel them and then you eat them.

The simplicity of this snack was not lost on VB+P and became the focus of the new “THIZ IZ PEELZ” campaign. It features "John Birk," armed with a college degree in "Citrus Technology," who has the exceedingly non-technical job of product demonstrator. Accompanied by an oddly omniscient and quick-witted choir, Birk’s futile pursuits bring a playful tone to the effort.



The integrated campaign launches this week in broadcast, online, social media and outdoor. 

“We already know the public loves our mandarins, and we think they’re going to love this campaign, too.” said Justin Parnagian, CEO of Peelz Citrus. “It’s bold, refreshing and (we hope) funny, and we’re excited to finally be out in the world on our own terms.”

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