Great Grains Cereal Tailoring Creative To Flavor Varieties


Great Grains is touting flavorful, healthy ingredients in a bid to retain new users the premium cereal has gained during the pandemic.

It’s an initiative that Post Consumer Brands will evolve over the course of 2022 under the “Recipe For Great” platform—the first major Great Grains campaign since 2016.

“What we saw across the board—especially toward the one-year anniversary of the pandemic—was there was quite a bit of trading up going on within cereal,” Great Grains brand manager Joe Christenson tells Marketing Daily. “We had lots of people who reached out for us for the first time.”

The first creative iteration of “Recipe For Great” is a 15-second video from the Barkley agency titled “The Beauty of the Harvest.”

The brief spot eschews a voiceover for pulsating music accompanying images of grains, fruits and nuts being harvested. Superimposed are the words “We make great to fuel your great.”



Post is “wrapping production on a 60-second version that will live on our website and potentially some other places where consumers can sit back and absorb the material,” adds Christenson. “We are hoping to do similar videos across our whole range of products.”

Targeted to adults, Great Grains has five flavors, with a sixth scheduled to debut in June.

“What we think is really fascinating about our portfolio is, there’s very high exclusivity for each flavor relative to a lot of the cereal category, says Christenson.  “Folks try a couple different flavors, they find their favorite, stick with it and keep coming back.”

Part of the campaign strategy is to tell new users “you’ve found our product—now we want to tell you more about us and our story.”

According to Post, dollar sales of Great Gains rose 8.7% in 2020 versus the previous year. From October of 2020 to October 2021, the brand was up 2.6%.

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