Top 4 Streaming Platforms Total $3.5 Billion Over 12-month Period, Hulu Takes Top Spot

Four leading premium ad-supported streaming platforms, owned by legacy TV-centric media companies -- totaled $3.5 billion in advertising revenue for the 12-month period ending September 2021, according to Kantar.

Hulu was the dominant earner in ad revenue; the majority-owned Disney service totaled $2.1 billion. ViacomCBS’ Paramount+ was next at $822 million; NBCUniversal’s Peacock at $279 million; and Fox Corp.'s Tubi with $250 million.

The media measurement company says next year it will add other ad-supported platforms ViacomCBS’ PlutoTV, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, Discovery+ and Univision’s Prende TV. It estimates 2022 will see approximately $8 billion in reported advertising VOD spend.

More recently, in September, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock and Tubi, pulled in $350 million in ad sales from more than 2,600 brands. This was up 46% from September 2020’s $239 million mark, but down from $305 million in August 2021.



Media/advertising marketers were the largest streaming advertising category over the 12-month period, at $573 million.

Retail was next, $325 million, in large part due to Amazon, which spent $72 million, says Kantar. The communications ad category was next at $243 million; pharmaceuticals, $237 million; automotive, $236 million; restaurants, $223 million; and insurance, $201 million.

For nine months of 2021, the average monthly ad spend across the four streaming platforms was $298 million. This is up 22% versus the last six months of 2020, when it averaged $245 million.

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