Tailgating "Bruddahs" Style: What Game?

Kona Brewing is out with a pair of TV ads from its ad agency Duncan Channon that will air during the NFL playoff season games.

The ads, feature the very laid back “Bruddahs” who have been fronting Kona ads for some time now. They continue to share wisdom with “mainlanders” for leading a more chill lifestyle. As they say in the ads, “only one life, right?”

One spot, Tailgate, features the Bruddahs and friends staging a party from the back of a pickup truck but the setting is a beautiful island beach, not a giant stadium parking lot. No game required to tailgate island style.

In a second spot the bruddahs reject the stressful work-focused world of mainlanders (Overtime? Fuhgeddaboudit) for Island Time.



In addition to the new TV spots, Kona is unveiling a limited-edition GameDay Hammock. It’s inspired by Kona’s Big Wave beer and comes with an attached bottle opener.

Following the NFL playoff focus, the brand will continue to air the TV spots through spring and summer 2022, with a third spot going live in March. 


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