Gmail App For Android Racks Up 10 Billion Installs

The Gmail Android app has hit 10 billion installs on Google Play Store, the fourth Google app to do so. 

It follows Play services, YouTube and Maps, according to Android Police, which first reported the achievement.   

However, “it’s quite a shock that it has taken this long — especially since Gmail comes pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones,” 95to5 Google observes.

When YouTube reached that mark last July, Android Police wrote that the YouTube Android App now has more installs than the number of people on earth.  

Android Police speculates that the next Google app to hit 10 billion may be Search. Chrome could also hit that target.   

“It's probably safe to say that Facebook will be the first non-Google app to join the club, but will it get there ahead of Google's ubiquitous browser? We may be finding out in just a few more months,” Android Police writes.  



All that said, 9to5 Google does not see cause for celebration.   

“While Gmail started out as just a place to send and receive your email correspondence, it has evolved in recent years with Chat and Meet integration as part of a wider “Workspace” rebrand and upgrade,” it writes. “Sadly that meant the end for Hangouts, but along the way we’ve seen popular Gmail alternative Inbox bite the dust too.”



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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, January 11, 2022 at 6:35 p.m.

    Ray, thank you for clear explanation in your headline that the 10 billion relates to installations, and not people or active users.

    But wonder how soon we will see others mis-report it along the lines of something like "Android Gmail reaches 10 billion people", or "Android Gmail used on 10 billion devices per day".

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