OOH Specialist Project X Media Unveils Revamped Client Portal

Out-of-home media agency Project X Media, Inc. has unveiled a new suite of analytic tools designed to provide its clients unprecedented access and insights into media planning data and campaign impact.

The new tools are part of a revamped online Client Portal that became available to PJX partners late last year.

The revamp was designed to make OOH campaign data--including strategy decks, buy grids, production reports, attribution, proof-of-performance, contracts, and billing—more accessible, efficient and user friendly for clients.

The new portal utilizes a proprietary interface that enables advertisers and agencies direct access to interactive information on virtually all aspects of their OOH history in one place.

Included in the analytics suite is a detailed client spend analysis directly integrated into the Client Portal called “Pulse Reports”, which provides clients with real-time analysis on all their current and historical campaign spend in one place, broken down in various interactive graphs and visuals by format, market, vendor, time and other categories.



“The power of campaign data is now in the hands of the decision makers by virtue of these advancements,” asserts PJX CEO John Laramie.

“PJX sees the world of OOH rapidly moving to having two type of advertisers - those who have deep insights into their own data and those who don’t,” said Laramie. “Today, advertisers need more real-time information to drive strategies and speed to market. With advertisers demanding smarter, faster, and more cost-effective technologies, we see these new offerings as imperative to our clients’ success.”

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