Discovery Dominates First-Run TV Show Titles Globally

Discovery Inc. had the most global first-run TV show titles in 2021 -- either in production or released -- with 556, according to Ampere Analysis.

Of that total, 433 TV show titles were released in 2021 with 123 in production. ViacomCBS is next at a total of 406 -- 262 shows released in 2021 and 144 in production.

Netflix was at 403 combined TV show titles. It had 243 shows in production -- the most of any TV company. It released 160 shows last year.

The analysis says legacy TV network companies are increasingly scheduling original first-run TV show content on their respective streaming platforms.

For example, Disney now has 58% of its TV show titles going to its streaming platform, which include Disney+ and Hulu. WarnerMedia has 48% of its TV shows going to HBO Max; ViacomCBS (for Paramount+), is at 39%; and Comcast-NBCUniversal (for Peacock) is at 28%.

Looking at non-U.S. based media companies, the BBC is tops with 373 TV show titles either in production or released; RTL Group is at 210; France Televisions, 203; and Channel 4, 188.

Ampere says this list is separate from TV movie production/releases. In 2021, it notes Netflix commissioned 203 films -- more than any other company. Combined, other U.S.-based companies commissioned 74 movie titles just for streaming.



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