IPG's Krakowsky Talks About Keeping Up With Change, Other Industry Issues

Keeping pace with the pace of change may be the advertising and marketing industry’s biggest challenge right now, IPG CEO Philippe Krakowsky told a virtual crowd tuning in to the 4A’s Decisions 2022 Conference on Wednesday.

Krakowsky helped close out the conference in a fireside chat session with 4A’s CEO Marla Kaplowitz.

Rapid technological change is driving “every facet of what we do and how we do it,” Krakowsky said.

Kaplowitz asked Krakowsky about his views on industry talent, given what she termed the “Great Reassessment” by many workers throughout the U.S. during the pandemic.

Krakowsky replied that there’s not a single solution but offered that the industry must understand and support staff who are trying to balance work with family, community activities and other interests.

“Feedback mechanisms are important,” he said, particularly as burnout and mental health issues have emerged as front-burner issues during the pandemic.



At IPG, he said, “we’re casting a wider net” to bring people into the fold. There are specific programs aimed at attracting more diverse talent as well certain “life stage” programs like helping moms return to career paths.

One perceptual challenge, Krakowsky said, is highlighting the “breadth and depth and sophistication of what we do. I don’t know that we collectively get enough credit for that.”

Looking ahead, Krakowsky said the industry can enhance its effectiveness with services that are “more precise, impactful and accountable.” Creating deeper engagements with audiences for brands is also something to strive for, he said.

Asked what he hopes to accomplish in the next year Krakowsky replied “I hope we’re working together some of the time.” Remote work may remain in place to some extent but fulltime WFH “is not the same kind of interaction…something key is missing.” He also said he hopes the industry is doing better on the DEI front. “We have a long way to go.”

Asked what he is looking most forward to in the post-COVID world, he said, “sitting and listening to live music,” and “not having to test before a holiday” gathering.

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