Stensul Expands Adobe Integrations To Improve Email Creation Process

Email platform Stensul has deepened its integration with the Adobe marketing automation platform in an effort to help users improve their email creation workflow.  

The enhancements are designed to “unite and simplify a disconnected email creation process consisting of single-purpose tools used by specialists operating in silos," states Stensul founder and CEO Noah Dinkin.

Stensul is integrated with Adobe Marketo Engage, Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Workfront, a workflow and collaboration solution. Thanks to these integrations, Stensul has added three new features:

  • Create a Program — This allows users to clone already-structured Marketo programs without leaving the Stensul platform
  • Send a Sample — Users can trigger a test send or a proof of an email they are working on via Marketo Engage 
  • Schedule a Send — Allows email senders to oversee emails from inception to send without logging into Marketo Engage 

Stensul’s tools bring email creation and collaboration together, the company contends. With critical platforms talking to each other, teams can reduce steps in the process and free up significant time, it adds. 

"Deep integrations between the Stensul Email Creation Platform and the numerous adjacent technologies in a company's martech stack are a key part of how the overall workflow becomes more efficient for everyone,” Dinkin argues.



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