The Return Of Post-COVID Peak TV

With tonight’s premiere of the final season of “Better Call Saul” on AMC tonight, it’s hard for me to recall that some of the earliest supply-chain casualties weren’t hard goods, but the Hollywood production cycles that had to shut down, and find workarounds and alternative production methods to keep the content pipeline of peak TV peaking.

And while the “live from Zoom” peak-COVID editions of “Saturday Night Live” may seem like a distant, nostalgic memory, you can revisit the entertainment industry’s pandemic production angst on Netflix via Judd Apatow’s hilarious “The Bubble,” which provides a silly, tongue-in-cheek, and occasionally trippy trip down recent memory lane of the crazy lengths filmed production had to go through when cast and crews had to remain virally safe and socially distanced.



The timing of tonight’s premiere couldn’t be better for AMC, as it begins priming the pumps for this year’s upfront, with fresh new episodes of what arguably is one of the best series ever on television, following marathon telecasts of its precursor, “Breaking Bad,” as well as the recent series finale of “Killing Eve.”

Other important series are returning to TV this month, including season three of HBO’s “Barry,” season two of Netflix’s “Russian Doll,” as well as a respectable mix of newcomers.

But perhaps the most important return for fans of "TVBlog" this week will be Adam Buckman's take, which will resume with tomorrow's edition.

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