Privacy Update: ATT IDFA Opt-In Rate At 25% Overall, But Varies By Vertical

It’s been a year since Apple’s industry-shaking rollout, as part of the iOS 14.5 launch, of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework requiring user consent to share the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA).

The move sent mobile and other marketers scurrying to find new approaches to privacy, targeted advertising and user acquisition — including adoption of a mix of ATT opted-in, device-level data, and aggregated SKAdNetwork data, notes Adjust, the mobile marketing analytics platform.

But getting the opt-in remains a crucial strategic starting point for mobile campaigns.

So where do opt-in rates really stand?

While early predictions hypothesized industrywide opt-in rates as low as 5%, recent Adjust data, offered in its new Mobile App Trends 2022 report, presents a less dire scenario.

Industrywide, opt-in rates are actually at about 25% — up from 16% in May 2021, according to the report, based on full-year 2021 data from thousands of apps worldwide tracked by Adjust.

For gaming, the opt-in rate is up to 30%.

The report also notes that data from AppLovin-owned studios shows multiple popular games yielding opt-in rates as high as 75%.

Consent rates do vary widely by vertical (infographic above).

Still, Adjust predicts “a continued upward trend as more users understand the value of opting in and receiving personalized advertisements — something the gaming industry has been most successful in presenting until now.”

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