Hyundai, Michelin Expand Relationship, Enter Pact To Develop Green Tires

Hyundai Motor Group and Michelin are partnering to develop next-generation eco-friendly tires optimized for electric vehicles.

The alliance is noteworthy from a marketing standpoint because automakers are increasingly playing up which companies produce key vehicle components like tires and sound systems. It’s also a huge coup for Michelin in terms of guaranteed future business. 

The agreement is a follow-up to the first five-year partnership signed in November 2017 to jointly develop an exclusive tire for Ioniq 5 and carry out experiments and analysis methods related to tires as well asa  technology exchange. Hyundai sold 10,839 Ioniq 5 vehicles in the U.S. during the first five months of the year. 

Next-generation tires resulting from the collaboration will find their way onto future premium EV models of Hyundai Motor Group. This joint research, along with Hyundai’s commitment to continue expanding its EV offerings, that thousands of Michelin tires will be hitting the road in the near future. 



The companies plan to focus on development of eco-friendly tires and will significantly increase the use of sustainable materials to about 50% of total tire weight from 20% currently.

That proclamation is likely to sit well with millennial consumers, who have said they want companies to demonstrate their commitment to being more green, and not just talk about it. 

This new tire technology is critical to meet the durability requirements of tires, as well as driving performance and electric efficiency under high load as the driving range of EVs continues to increase.

Hyundai and Michelin also plan to conduct joint research to analyze tire wear, tire load and road friction beyond the current standards of tire temperature and air pressure. 

The new tires are also expected to significantly improve drivers’ ride comfort by reducing vibration and noise generated by EVs at high speeds.

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