The Medium Is The T-Shirt For Future Lions Grand Prix

A team of students from Stockholm-based Berghs School of Communication won the Grand Prix for AKQA's annual Future Lions during the Cannes Lions festival Wednesday for their "Ten Week Tee" campaign for Gymshark. The team -- Nicolas Lindberg, Anna Zetterlund, Claes Holm and Fabian Luthander -- created an athletic apparel t-shirt with detailed workout instructions printed on them for consumers who experience "gymtimidation," or feel overwhelmed when new to a gym experience.

After ten weeks of workouts -- and t-shirt washes -- the printed instructions are designed to fade away.

Judges described the innovation as "an analogue product for a digital world with fitness instructions printed onto your clothing that fade over time the more you use and wash your gym kit, allowing users to feel more confident working out for the first time."



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