Mini USA Appeases Patient Customers

As supply-chain issues continue, resulting in vehicle shortages and delays, Mini USA is trying to ease the pain. 

The automaker is sending life-sized puzzles to select new Mini customers on the waiting list, to give them something fun to do while they wait for their new vehicles. Other owners on the waitlist will receive a regular-sized puzzle.

The puzzles are officially called “The We’re-Working-Hard-To-Get-You-Your-Car, Waiting-Is-The-Worst, In-The-Meantime-Happpy-Puzzling Mini Puzzle” or “Not So Mini” puzzle for short.

Mini has always been synonymous with driving fun and providing owners with unique experiences, says Rah Mahtani, brand communications manager, Mini USA.

“People buy a Mini because of its cheeky and fun-to-drive spirit, so we wanted to give owners something fun to do while they wait to get behind the wheel of their new Mini,” Mahtani says in a release.



Mini USA plans to use its social media channels to feature new owners and their in-progress and complete puzzles.

Pereira O'Dell, the automaker’s AOR, created and designed the initiative,  says Nick Sonderup, executive creative director, Pereira O’Dell.

“Our goal with this idea is to get something uniquely Mini into new owners’ hands, even if they'd rather it be a leather steering wheel,” Sonderup says in a release. “We can still create a fun pastime to add to the excitement for the real thing coming their way.”

While the brand is having some fun with the delays, Mini has always been a brand that required customers to special-order their new vehicles.

The brand last year launched an updated consumer site,, including a completely new "Build Your Own" vehicle configuration experience. The sites's online shopping tools were combined in the new "Shop @ Home" page for an easier research and purchase process at home.

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