Cadillac Highlights Lyriq's Emotional Driving Experience

Cadillac is launching an effort for its new Lyriq that uses music and color to convey the emotional experience of driving the electric vehicle.

The first 30-second spot, “Color of Emotions” features English singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer Labrinth along with a version of “Lift Off” from his new album. 

There will be three versions of the spot featuring the three colors that bring to life the emotion drivers will experience behind the wheel of a Lyriq. Red equals excitement, strength and love, while gold is meant to convey confidence, success and bravery. Blue signifies trust, peace and competence.

Stepping into a Cadillac is more than just transactional, it’s an entire change of emotional state, and what inspired “Color of Emotions,” says Suzanne Guzzo, director, global Cadillac customer transformation.

"We wanted to introduce customers to the excitement that comes from driving an EV and that unmistakable feeling only a Cadillac can give,” Guzzo tells Drive Time. “Labrinth’s unique musical direction really embodies that emotion and resonated with us during the creative process.”

Lyriq is a completely new vehicle, built from the ground up -- it is not a repurposed gasoline-powered model, she says.

“Through our collaboration with Labrinth, we emphasize this originality and how driving a Lyriq will be a whole new driving experience,” Guzzo says. “Getting behind the wheel of a Lyriq  will be the first time many people drive an electric vehicle, and it will be an exhilarating ‘first’ experience unleashing several emotions.”

I recently had the opportunity to drive the Lyriq, and it is indeed very different from any other Cadillac the automaker has ever made. Which is probably why the vehicle tested higher in focus groups that any other vehicle in General Motors history, says Kristin Lewis, Lyriq marketing manager.

The 312-mile electric range is remarkable, as is the vehicle’s luxurious interior, which includes a creative use of lighting and colors — much like the new TV spots. The vehicle starts at $62,990.

Cadillac is bringing new customers to the General Motors brand thanks to the new EV. So far, 70% of pre-orders have come from people who have never owned a Cadillac before, and nearly 66% of pre-orders have come from Gen X and Gen Y, Lewis says. About a third of those interested in the vehicle are from the western United States, where Cadillac has not typically had strong sales, she adds.

The automaker is targeting two separate customer profiles. The first is 32-45 and the second is 45-55. Both are highly equated with high household income ($125,000-plus) but have slightly different psychographics profiles. 

The younger group is individualistic, desires the latest technology, is open to new brands but carefully weighs purchases, and aspires to a luxurious, trendy, high-tech lifestyle. They are discerning, passionate, adventurous, highly brand motivated and constantly looking for ways to elevate their lives.

The older group are early adopters who inspire others to come along. They are adventurous, ambitious, change-makers who are fun, but purposeful. They are proud of their success but not aggressively flashy. These consumers aspire to a youthful, innovative luxury lifestyle and are more likely to take a ski vacation than join a country club.

Labrinth posted a six-second teaser of the first spot on his Instagram account Sunday, and it quickly reached more than 38,000 views.

The campaign, from AOR Leo Burnett Detroit, will appear on video, sports and digital, including broadcast (NBC, ABC, CBS), sports networks (Fox Sports, ESPN) and streaming platforms (Roku TV, Fire TV). It features the Cadillac tagline: "Be Iconic."

Labrinth is a “passionate fan” of Cadillac, and the automaker hopes to continue the relationship, although nothing beyond the spots is planned as of yet, Guzzo says.

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