Research Points To Power Of Social Brand Conversation On Consumer Decision Making

Publicis Media and Twitter recently collaborated on a research study that the companies say point to the power of social brand conversation on consumer decision making and sales.   

This study surveyed 9,600 consumers on six platforms across the US, UK, India and Mexico. 

One insight gleaned from the research: Social brand conversation is “the new review,” as 92% of those surveyed said they seek out comment about brands, products or services on social media. 

And 68% said their impression of a brand was changed as a result of experiencing brand conversation.  

More than half of shoppers consider brand conversation on social more or as impactful as traditional reviews. And 71% said they are more likely to consider brand conversations before purchasing.   

While the data shows the influence of brand conversation is high before or early in a purchase journey, it decays over time. The insight: always-on engagement is key and can even kick-start buying decisions.  

The research also found that 86% of what respondents said were “very positive” conversations are considered memorable, whereas only 49% of “very negative” conversations are considered memorable.  

Three-quarters of brand conversations result in more positive brand sentiment. And 60% of purchasers who recalled a conversation on Twitter said made much more likely to consider the product they bought. 

More on the research can be found here.



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