S-NET Offers Automated Customer Experience Tool

Cloud-based platform S-NET Communications has launched a new tool for handling multi-flow contacts across email and other channels. 

The new product, S-NET Engage, facilitates automated customer experience journeys via SMS, web chat, fax and Facebook, in addition to email.  Other channels will be added later this year. 

The goal is to give firms “the tools to deliver the same enterprise-grade, solution-centered customer care, whether they have a large call center or just a couple of customer service reps on their team,” states Alex Fayn, S-NET CEO. 

S-NET Engage offers self-service solutions, live agent engagements, inter-agent collaboration tools, and business process automation. In addition, its AI engine and sentiment analysis capabilities enable companies to personalize every customer touchpoint and provide each client with the virtual or live agent best suited to handle their case, it claims.  

Fayn notes that customers now expect “the same personalization from every brand, and they expect business to meet them on their preferred channels of communication.”

Founded in 2006 by Farn and Eugene Likhovid, S-NET has grown from a regional telecom provider to one that serves businesses nationwide. 



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