Restaurants Chill On Email Promotions, Study Finds

Restaurants are cutting back on email promotions, judging by a report released Monday by Mailcharts. 

The 27 brands in Mailcharts’ Restaurant/Casual Dining group are sending about two campaigns per week, holding the line on last year’s volume. 

However, only 24.6% offer a discount or other incentive, down 16.7% from 2021.  

This is happening as consumers feel more comfortable about dining indoors. 

Overall, all food & drink industry brands are sending 28 campaigns per week, and 42.9% of these emails contain promos. 

At the same time, many dining brands are sending free delivery email campaigns that require app downloads and activations. For example, Habit has a vivid email saying “Freed your Habits. Free Delivery.”  

In another trend, delivery brands are stressing value in shifting markets. For instance, Doordash’s campaign for its Dashmart delivery service says, “Hi Fred! That’s your buzzer ringing with your groceries, just minutes after checking out. 

“Save $45 and A  LOT of time when you shop for groceres at DashMart.  

"Take 50% off 3 orders, up to $15 per order for a total of $45.”


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