Hot Email: Consumers Like It More Than Any Other Medium

Ask the average consumer what drives them to purchase decisions, and you might be surprised. 

It’s email, email and email, judging by Audience of One: Creating Loyalty Through Data Personalization, a study by Movable Ink. 

Here's the percentages of shoppers polled who cite the types of information they find useful when purchasing: 

  • Email marketing about sales, promotions or offers—43% 
  • Email marketing to tell you about new products or services—35%
  • In-app notifications or reminders about sales or promotions—27%
  • Social media posts announcing sales or promotions on social media—21%
  • Email marketing to remind me of products I previously browsed or carted but never purchased—20% 
  • Social media posts announcing new releases of products or services on social media—19%
  • In-app notifications or reminders for you to repurchase products or services that you’ve purchased in the past that you could be running low on—15% 



When are emails and other messages most helpful?

  • The initial researching phase—24% 
  • The final decision phase (i.e., using search engines to explore the options out there, deciding between a few options)—19% 
  • After primary contact (i.e., after I’ve visited their website)—19% 
  • After purchasing/continued engagement (i.e., sending similar products or services that could be of interest, sales, etc.)—13% 

How comfortable are consumers in giving sharing information to get personalized offers? They are willing to provide: 

  • Satisfaction with past orders, products or services—68%
  • Ideal price range—67% 
  • Product category of interest—65%
  • Size—63% 
  • Fit/body type—55% 
  • Interests/hobbies—57%
  • Order and search history—49% 
  • Profession—45%
  • Information about daily habits (i.e., eating, exercising, etc.)—41% 

Good personalization will make consumers more likely to do the following: 

  • Purchase beauty products when shopping for clothing—41% 
  • Purchase clothing when shopping for home goods—39% 
  • Purchase beauty products when shopping for home goods—34%
  • Purchase clothing when shopping for beauty products—40% 
  • Purchase home goods when shopping for clothing—39% 
  • Purchase home goods when shopping for beauty products—39%

 The findings are an outtake from a survey 1,000 consumers conducted last year. 


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