Descript And Blubrry Integrate To Speed Up Podcast Publishing

Descript, a video editing software platform, has launched an integration with Blubrry Podcasting. It will allow Descript users to edit audio and video and transfer those files to Blubrry’s hosting service.  

Podcasters can deliver their media file and transcript to Blubrry to publish a new episode, the company says.   

"We want to help podcasters focus on their craft and not on the tedium of switching between tools," states Miki Lainovic, Descript business development lead.  

Lainovic adds, "Our integration with Blubrry simplifies podcasters' workflows and provides an easy way to increase accessibility." 

For its part, Blubrrry believes that “saving podcasters time in publishing their show eliminates steps in the publishing process,” states Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane. 

Descript is audio and video software that helps publishers easily edit content. 




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