Mediavine Forms Server-To-Service Link With The Trade Desk's OpenPath

Ad management firm Mediavine has formed an integration with The Trade Desk’s OpenPath technology in a move designed to remove inefficiencies from the programmatic supply chain. 

The goal of the arrangement is to “benefit the monetization of independent publishers across the web,” states Eric Hochberger, CEO and co-founder of Mediavine. 

Mediavine provides supply-side montization technology for publishers. The Trade Desk is the primary trading desk used by big agencies to buy programmatic media.

The direct integration will allow buyers to have more effective purchasing power concerning Mediavine's 20 billion+ brand-safe video and display impressions, the company says. 

A service-to-service OpenRTB connection allows the integration. OpenPath is not built as a replacement for supply-side platforms. 

Mediavine says it is the first partner of The Trade Desk to connect to OpenPath through a direct server-to-server integration. This will reduce browser timeouts and latency while providing higher ad viewability, it claims. 

"OpenPath represents another route for our advertiser clients to connect with our publisher partners to ensure they have transparent and objective access to the best available digital advertising inventory," states Will Doherty, vice president of inventory development, The Trade Desk.






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