Globant Is 'Reinventing' Business, Via Tech

Globant, a digital company that helps businesses reinvent via technology, kicked off a new campaign: “Reinventing Consultancy.”

GUT Buenos Aires handled creative, with humorous spots, "1000 Slides" and "Copy/Paste," exposing tired, indifferent business consultancies. Both underscore how wacky and out-of-touch companies can be with clients.

In “1000 Slides,” a company rep is sending literally 1,000 slides as part of a client presentation. As he nears the end of this gigantic task, he yells: “Give me an incomprehensible graphic, ASAP!” as his colleagues cheer him on.

The tagline "Seek Reinvention" is Globant's overarching goal — to reinvent its clients' businesses with more dynamic processes that deliver specific solutions to enhance client value.



"We strive at delivering end-to-end digital transformation leveraging innovation and the latest trends and technologies in the market," said Martín Migoya, Globant's co-founder-CEO.

"The genesis of this campaign lies in the capacity to listen. Most big companies work with more than one consulting firm at a time, and NPS data showed the major factors that make Globant stand out are its involvement, agility and flexibility when approaching challenges, said Matias Lafalla, GUT's executive creative director, and Joaquin Cubría, Chief Creative Officer.

GUT’s client roster includes Popeyes, Mercado Libre, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons, Noblex, Skol, Heinz, Google and Headspace.

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