Zencastr Offers Video-Audio Podcast Platform

Zencastr has debuted what it says is an end-to-end video podcast platform for publishers and brands, combining over 14 tools.   

The audio-to-video capability was developed in response to growing demand, the firm adds. It helps audio podcasters reach larger audiences by distributing to video consumption platforms, it adds.  

“Zencastr has always been a home for audio podcasters, and we are very excited to help them expand their reach through video distribution,” states Josh Nielsen, co-founder and CEO of Zencastr.  

The platform was unveiled earlier this week at Podcast Movement in Dallas. 

The new tools include remote HD 4k video recording, team plans, distribution and monetization.  The HD 4k platform can be deployed for audio only, if preferred.  



Users can edit audio and video, using smart filters. And they can host and distribute to major media players.  

In addition, publishers can record solo, or with up to 12 guests, and distribute to Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.

According to the company, firms can accept advertisers and track and attribute ad campaigns.  

Creators can now get “up and running in just a few clicks, which can mean hundreds of hours saved annually,” states Adrian Lopez, chief product officer and co-founder of Zencastr. 


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