TMA Gives Itself A Makeover

After nearly three decades in business, Omnicom’s TMA (The Marketing Arm) is getting a brand makeover to address the agency’s evolution during that time.  

For years TMA was known for promotions, experiential work, sports marketing expertise, celebrity procurement and other specialist capabilities.  

But recently the agency has won numerous creative lead and brand building ad assignments, for clients like State Farm, DieHard/Advance Auto Parts, Pernod Ricard, Morgan Stanley, Papa Murphy’s, to name a few.

The makeover is designed in part to “reintroduce itself” to clients, prospects, and industry talent to showcase its broader repertoire.

As part of that effort the agency has adapted the rallying cry “We are TMA” and has redesigned its website (and social media handles and URLs) to highlight its ability to create “cultural resonance” and compelling creative for brands.



The rebranding includes a vibrant palette and assorted animal-astronauts who help bring this “new mission” to life. 

Harris Wilkinson, the agency’s Chief Creative Officer, likens the agency to a spaceship that “steers into the uninhabitable and uncharted” to create great work for clients.

Why the animals?  “Because the animals are insanely cool and we want to reflect our creative- and art-forward mission.”

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